Holiday Nut Brown Ale on Tap

sorry I have not blogged for awhile but my network guys erased my cookies and i had lost my password. all is good now. We just put NBA on tap and I am really enjoying it. I toned down the floral hops a bit to bring forth more malty love notes and it worked out well.

Right now I am working hard at designing a farmhouse ale. I have barrels coming in from California for aging. Very exciting. I also have Belly-up Bourbon Barrel Stout and a Vanilla Porter aging in 2 bourbon barrels. I probably won't release those for another 2 months. Perhaps in the dead of winter when we all need a little warmth. let me know if you like the NBA or have enjoyed any tasty farmhouse ales lately. Oh, I almost forgot, I went to the Bayou the other day and the best beer I had there was the Cantillon Gueze, it was fantastic. get some before it is gone.
love and beer, Jen