Beers in the Bay Area

San Francisco was great. wow, do they love their IPAs out there. Apparently my fiend Vinnie, brewer/owner of Russian River, said when you come into California you cross the "lupalin threshold" . Meaning, you palate gets so saturated with hops and bitterness, you need more and more! 21A and Magnolias both offered up tons of great beer. I got to taste 21A's medal winning Imperial IPA from the tank. But my favorite of their beers was called "Darkness" a black lager, go figure. Magnolia's is a great little funky, hippie place on Haight. Great English ales and an impressive line up of cask beers. Dave did have a nice Kolsch and Belgian table beer on tap.

Russian River was amazing. Vinnie's is truly doing some fantastic beer. all 3 of his IPAs on tap were great: Blind Pig, Russian River IPA and Pliny the Elder. But my favorite beers were his variations of Belgian style beers. At the top of my list is Supplication, ale aged with cherries. I tasted his new beer Beatification from the barrel and is was the softest most sour beer I have had, and was wonderful. I could go on and on. A trip to Russian River is like a pilgrimage to Mecca for any true beer lover.


Jen in San Francisco

I am very excited because i have been asked to cruise over to San Francisco and go drinking. There is always a price to pay when someone wants to fly you some place super cool to drink, so apparently I have agreed to let these folks document my incredible love and passion for both the art of brewing and drinking through the camera lens. Looks like we will be hitting 21st Amendment, Magnolia and Russian River Brewing. I will let you know what beers I enjoy the most and what is fresh and tasty on tap in SF. Cheers