March Beer Notes

Hello to all,
Just a quick note to update Squatters drinkers on what is coming on tap in March. March 3rd we will have Hop Rising back (changed Amarillo pellets to whole flower...yum). St. Patty's Day we will put on McGrueh's Dry Irish Stout on nitro and release Hell's Keep. I opened my first bottle yesterday and couldn't be happier. Can't wait for everyone to drink this one. Here is a questions, if you were to pick the next high alcohol style to go in the Squatters line up, what would it be? Always looking to our drinkers for suggestions.


Hell's Keep Info

Thanks for all the comments! I am glad to see the contest inspired such passion and creativity. I am pretty sure we have plans to display all the entries. It really was fun to involve our local art community for the first time in twenty years in a label design contest. The beer is fermenting vigorously now in the bottle and bottle day went great. Thanks to my awesome bottle team, you guys rock. Jason and I could not have produced this beer without all the fantastic help. By the way, one reason I personally loved the label we picked, was because it reminded me of many labels I saw as I traveled the countryside of Belgium with a crew of brewers drinking the best beer I have ever had. Almost all of the beers I had on this trip are not available in the US. Definitely one reason all the beer lovers out there should take a pilgrimage to Belgium and imbibe.


Hell's Keep Label Winner

We have a winner and the artists name is William Swartzfager. It was stiff competition, I think there was some 57 entries. I really wanted a hand drawn piece that give the feeling of uniqueness and William pegged it. The label is a total deviation from anything Squatters has ever done, like the beer. We are bottling on Wednesday, Feb. 11th and then into the warm room she goes for re-fermentation. FYI, the label I have posted is a primitive mock up, but you get the idea of the art.