HB 51

Here is the mission statement for the HB 51 concept...

HB 51 Collaboration Brew

The 2009 Utah legislative season passed several landmark bills liberalizing some of Utah’s strict alcohol laws. House Bill 51 which, as of May 12th 2009, legalizes home brewing in the State of Utah. It will allow for up to 200 gallons of beer and/or wine to be brewed per household per year.

In celebration of HB51, the local brewpubs of Salt Lake City and its surrounding area decided to get together and honor this momentous occasion. Desert Edge, Hoppers, Red Rock, Wasatch, Bohemian and Squatters Brew Pub have collaborated on a brew together to salute the local home brewers and have some fun while we are at it.

All 6 brew pubs will be brewing the same beer but with one very specific variable either altered or added. All malt, hops, water, and timing will be identical, but each brewery will integrate one different variable to show our customers, especially the local home brewers, what changing one important factor can do for a beer.

The brew, a session amber ale, will be on tap at all 6 brew pubs beginning May 1st. The release date of HB51 coincides with the Big Brew National Homebrew Day, May 2nd. Those interested can pick up a recipe sheet at each of the 6 brew pub locations. The following is a list of what each brewery is doing differently to set their HB51 beer apart from the others; Desert Edge: unfiltered, Hoppers: aging with oak, Red Rock: filtered, Wasatch: dryhop added, Bohemian: fermented with lager yeast and Squatters: Amarillo whole flowers added in hopback. For more information feel free to contact any of the above brewpubs or myself.
Jennifer Talley, Brewmaster, Squatters Pub Brewery


Farmhouse Ale now on tap

Sorry for the late blog but I made a Farmhouse Ale at 4% with this new yeast that I love. Apparently everyone else at the pub loved it also because we only have 2 kegs left. I bet it runs out by this Sat. or Sunday. So if you like Saison flavor come down and try it. Also, we are selling about 15 Hell's Keep a day. That gives us about a 2 months supply.


Hell's Keep Release

Release day is tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day at noon. Please come and enjoy one of the 861 bottles we have. Cheers,