Outer Darkness

Happy Halloween! I must first apologize for my severe negligence on my blog site. My only excuse is that I had a baby June 19th, Vienna Mary Jane. I promise not to be so negligent. My brewer Jason (you might know him as the hot model on the Hop Rising bottle) is an ex-Mormon. About a year ago he thought of a name for a beer, Outer Darkness. Check Mormon folklore for explanation.

We thought, what better style then a Russian Imperial Stout for this name. So yesterday Jason and I brewed our first Russian Imperial. Wow, what a fantastic day. Our brewery is seriously the little engine that could. We knocked out at 27p and we are rocking in the fermenter today. We hope to be in serious high krausen on Hallows Eve. I expect to release it in 22oz bombers for sale at the pub, Park City pub and out the door sale at the downtown pub. I expect the first bottles to go out 2nd or 3rd week of December. Most definitely before Christmas day.

We conducted 2 pretty major RIS tastings before we formulated our beer and fell in love Abyss, Storm King and Rogue Imperial Stout. We were inspired to use some molasses at EOB. I will keep everyone updated on how she is coming along. Please think intense fermentation thoughts over the next week!