Holiday Nut Brown Ale arrives...

Our annual run of Holiday Nut Brown will be put on tap November 20th. We are putting together a cool gift pack for sale on the 20th as well. For $12.99 you receive a commemorative Holiday Nut Brown Ale flip top 1 liter growler (filled with NBA) and 2 Nut Brown Ale logo pint glasses. We also have a little bit of Black Forest Schwarzbier and Hop Riot left to help quench your Thanksgiving thirst.


Whats on Tap

Outer Darkness has had a great fermentation and is now resting quietly. We decided to bottle condition it and release it December 21st, winter solstice. Now on tap at Squatters pub is Hop Riot (classic American Pale). Next week (November 16th) we will be bringing out Black Forest Schwarzbier and Squatters Porter on the Nitro tap. Our Nut Brown Ale will be coming on tap by November 20th as well. I had Sierra's Harvest last night at it was really hopalicious! cheers, J