529 Coming Soon

Bottle day want very well for 529. We bottled, corked and caged 2100 bottles which are know refermenting quietly in our bottle conditioning room. I just threw some in the cooler and will be tasting it later this week. I decided to keep the co2 level lower to enhance both the sourness and maltiness. Remembering my Oud Bruin experiences from my trip to Belgium, the co2 level was very soft. Looks like release date will be February 16th. I will confirm this later.


529 and Fifth Element

I started creating my Oud Bruin July of 2008. After I removed my 1st Fifth Element I laid down 529 in oak. It has taken 18 months to get this beer to where I want it and now it is time for bottling. We are blending the oak aged 529 with a two month old 529 to marry the acidity and malty sweetness. My inspiration for this beer was my trip to Rodenbach in 2004. It will be bottled in a 750ml Belgian bottle, corked and caged and re-fermented in the bottle with champagne yeast for 2-3weeks. If you like Belgian brown sours then this is the beer for you. If you have never experienced this style before, I highly recommend you drink one in the pub before considering buying any to go. It is a beautiful style, one of my favorites. I will post more when bottling is complete and we have a number count and price. I am also removing Fifth Element from the oak and sending it into bottle conditioning next week. I plan on releasing the Fifth in early spring.