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Whether enjoying it on a juicy burger or with a fluffy omelet and fruity mimosa on the side, during a weekend brunch, Squatters customers can’t seem to get enough of our bacon. Personally, I prefer mine in a bacon-tini, that’s right- bacontini- but sadly, that specialty drink has yet to make it onto our menu.
So where does our delicious bacon come from? Why, it’s processed right here in Utah by Daily’s Premium meats (a division of Seaboard Farms), which has been operating in Utah for almost 100 years and is now the last “cut to order” house in America. Squatter’s has had a successful partnership with this local establishment for over fifteen years. About ten percent of Daily’s business is with the U.S. military, providing a large portion of the bacon eaten by those serving in Afghanistan and Kuwait.
In order to keep our hungry Squatter’s customers and overseas troops well fed, about 50% of Daily’s bacon is precooked- in microwaves the size of Volkswagen Beetles! This process produces approximately 13,500 gallons of pork fat per week (think 200,000 pints of beer!) Happily, all this grease does not wind up in the local landfill. Instead, Daily’s wisely utilizes this byproduct for (among other things) energy and animal feed, providing a more sustainable future for all of us, and an additional revenue stream for them.
So the next time you are enjoying a crisp slice of bacon at any of our three locations, you can feel good about the fact that, like many of our menu items, it comes from a local company, that shares a mission similar to Squatter’s. We strive to deliver high quality, local, interesting menu items and follow sustainable business practices. We also believe that intelligence is spread equally among everyone in the Squatter’s community: one brain per person!  I’m excited to expand our brain power by inviting your feedback, ideas, questions or comments. For further dialogue on this, or any topic, please contact me at james@squatters.com. I look forward to hearing from you.
James Soares, Director of Environmental and Social Responsibility


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Totally Wicked Awesome James!  I can't wait for your next blog post, if I may suggest your next topic...the origin of the blog...Just kidding Wink

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