Experimental Hop Creation - French Connection


Recently we had a unique and fun opportunity at the downtown pub.  Thanks to Dave McKean (from the Utah Brewer’s Cooperative) we were able to experiment with a new hop!  Dave has fostered a relationship with the fine folks at Washington State University and we’re showcasing a new variety of hop.   We kept the malt bill simple and familiar (basically followed our recipe for Full Suspension Pale Ale) so that we could really experience this new hop.  Opportunities like this are one of the many reasons I love brewing at the pub level!  It’s really been fun and interesting to be a part of this test.  I’ve included our “official” description of French Connection.  Hopefully people can get down to the pub to try a pint (or two) before it’s all gone!


“French Connection is a traditional pale ale that uses a unique hop.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to craft a beer with an experimental variety provided by our friends at Washington State University.  This hop has been selected from a cross of a female Alsace (a French variety) with a male selected from a cross of Cascade and Cluster (American varieties).  This is the only commercial beer that has been brewed with this novel hop.  Earthy, fruity and spicy, with just enough bitterness to balance out this light pale ale.”



Jason Stock


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