Squatters Craft Beers and Wasatch Beers at Great American Beer Festival


The words that describe Great American Beer Festival are plentiful. A few that readily come to mind for us are exciting, nerve racking and a humbling experience.


When people come up to the booth and say that they love our beers; some say they have had a great experience at our pub, it leaves an impression. It is that moment that makes it all worth it. The years of hard work and dedication payoff with each sip that someone takes and the enjoyment of that moment.


The nerve racking part is the medals ceremony. There were plenty of fingers crossed, toes crossed and even eyes crossed while waiting for our brewery names to be announced.


The good news is that our breweries did get called. Squatters Craft Beers won a Silver Medal for the Fifth Element in the Belgian-Style Lambic or Sour Ale. Wasatch Beers won a Silver for the White Label in the Belgian-Style Witbier.


The Colorado Craft Beer Show sat down with one of the founders of Squatters and Wasatch, Peter Cole and Greg Schirf respectfully discussed distributing in Colorado, the Great American Beer Festival and the friendships that have evolved over the years. The laughter that ensues between Greg and Peter can attest to that friendship.


Even our great neighbors will be able to enjoy a little piece of Utah…we are excited to announce that our beers are now distributed in Colorado.




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