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147 W. Broadway
SLC, UT 84101

Monday - Friday : 12PM - 10PM
Saturday : 10:30AM - 10PM
Sunday : 10:30AM - 10PM

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Mug Club

Exclusive Member Benefits

$50 Sign-up / $25 Renewal

At Wasatch and Squatters Brew Pubs, we LOVE our regulars, and so we have designed a club to reward our loyal beer-quaffing, suds loving customers.


The Mug Club is a members-only club that provides our regulars with benefits not available to other patrons. As a matter of fact, there are so many benefits that we could barely fit them on this page. So if you want the entire list, click on the PDF below.

Membership dues are only $50 to join for the first year of membership and $25 each year thereafter to renew.

Mug Club membership card which can be presented at ANY Squatters or Wasatch location to drink your favorite draft out of a special Mug Club mug. (available exclusively to members)

EXCLUSIVE access to Mug Club Mondays- The first Monday of every month Mug Club members can go into their favorite Squatters or Wasatch location and receive (2) 12 ounce pours of the Brewmaster seasonal beers and 20% off of food and non-alcoholic beverages. Invitations to the exclusive Mug Club Holiday Party with food and beer, great raffle prizes, an ugly sweater contest, and lots of fun! Opportunity to be voted Mug Club Member of the Month by our bartenders and have a bottle with your photo on it displayed behind our bars. Access to Squatters and Wasatch Mug Club page on Facebook only accessible to Mug Club members, which will announce offers only available to members and allow you to connect with brewmasters and other beer-loving members. Invitation to walk with the Squatters and Wasatch crews in the St. Patricks, Gay Pride and 4th of July parades. Early bird access and special discounts to American Craft Beer Week events. Monthly Mug Club Newsletter which will announce all of the beers and events happening at Squatters and Wasatch, so you can be in the know before anyone else!

To sign up today, contact mchristen@squatters.com

Location and Contact

Salt Lake City, UT

147 Broadway, Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Phone: (801) 363-2739

Email: beer@squatters.com

Other Locations

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